2013 Yamaha Vixion Lightning FZ150i

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Brand: Yamaha Style: Naked
Year: 2013 CC: 150
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2013 Yamaha Vixion Lightning FZ150i - Yamaha has officially unveiled its new 2013 Yamaha Vixion Lightning FZ150i for Indonesian market. For 2013, the Vixion Lightning gets new head lamp style with visor, new meter cluster, rear brake disc, rear monoshock with new color, a redesigned fuel tank with integrated key, and new velg design taken from YZF-R15 and wider tires (120/70).
Yamaha also has made some changes in the engine as well. The Lightning now boasts 12.2kW (16.59PS) compared to the previous model with 11.1kW(15.2PS). According to Yamaha, the fuel injection and electrical system has been tweaked, and the 2013 Vixion Lightning FZ150i is also fitted with the Oxygen sensor that works to make the emission cleaner and meets the Euro spec emissions.
The 2013 Yamaha Vixion Lightning FZ150i is available in 4 exciting colors: Radiance Titanium Gold, Ultra Brave Spirit (Red), Mysterious Solid Dark and White Reddish Lightning.

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Yamaha Vixion Lightning FZ150i 2013

2013 Yamaha Vixion Lightning FZ150i

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