2013 Suzuki GSX1250FA

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Brand: Suzuki Style: Sport
Year: 2013 CC: 1,255
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2013 Suzuki GSX1250FA - Introducing the fully faired all-rounder, the GSX1250FA.

Featuring distinctive sport-style fairing, the GSX1250FA leads the way in styling, just as it leads the way in all-round sporty performance, user-friendly comfort and unmatched value.

A fuel injected powerplant with a full 1255cc of robust torque at your service, starting from way low in the rev range.

The GSX1250FA has a distinctive sporty full fairing delivering a neat combination of dramatic looks and all-day comfort. Highly refined total balance and exceptional value.

Whether you already have your choice of destinations or are looking for new places to visit, let the GSX1250FA help make your upcoming riding days time well spent.

With appealing power and low-down grunt from its 1,255cc fuel injected engine plus full weather protection, ABS braking, adjustable seat, adjustable levers and full instrumentation, the GSX1250FA is a lot of bike for the money. Its addictive and effortless torque makes it ideal for piling on the miles. For upping the pace, dial in the power on the straights and the twisties to appreciate the very best of sports touring.

Riders will be pleased it comes complete with a good old fashioned centre-stand. For routine servicing, parking the bike on the level, loading panniers and topping up at fuel stations we believe a centre-stand is invaluable and highlights the practical considerations for such a bike. With the latest digital ABS braking technology allied to big twin discs and Tokico calipers up front, and convenient instrumentation such as a gear position indicator and shift light, the GSX1250FA is the best value sports tourer on the market.

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Suzuki GSX1250FA 2013

2013 Suzuki GSX1250FA

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