2014 Honda 400X

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Brand: Honda Style: Touring
Year: 2014 CC: 399
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2014 Honda 400X - Perhaps the only real surprise is Honda’s use of the name 400X instead of CB400X. Honda’s press announcement specifically points out the CBR400R and the CB400F use the same engine but the 400X’s description makes no such connection, instead saying it is a “sport tourer model originating from the ‘Crossover Concept’”, referring to a concept introduced at the 2010 EICMA show that later begat both the CB500X and the Crosstourer.

In addition to clock and fuel gauge, an aggregation various information instantaneous / average fuel consumption meter, such as fuel consumption display function, combination meter full liquid type
so as to obtain a best windshield effect, the ability to adjust the height windscreen and kept
along with the placement and shape considering to fit and movement of thumb, handle switch in pursuit of ease of handling with a smooth click feeling
and to the comfort of the passenger, tandem grip of left and right separate formula
U space under the pillion capable of storing lock (sold separately)
to the loading of baggage convenient hook Nikake
theft deterrent mechanism, Honda own "H · I · S · S (Honda Ignition Security System)"
to theft deterrent strengthening handle locking mechanism effective, strengthening key cylinder, alarms (sold separately)

The Honda CBR400R, CB400F and 400X will be on display along with a number of new and upcoming models March 15-17 at the Osaka Motorcycle Show and again March 22-24 at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

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Honda 400X 2014

2014 Honda 400X

2014 Honda 400X 2014 Honda 400X 2014 Honda 400X 2014 Honda 400X 2014 Honda 400X 2014 Honda 400X 2014 Honda 400X 2014 Honda 400X
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